As reviewed by Dr. Speculum:

Alexis is a real horny house wife. You know how you see all those ads in magazines? That's her! She told me she keeps her home very clean ---- and her phone sex very dirty! Sex is a lot like housework to her. She thinks it should be done in great detail, no crevice left untouched. And she said she believes it should always be done to please a man. There is a submissive streak in her that's pretty obvious. She is NOT a giggling teen, she's 35 years old - she likes phone sex slow and long. She also likes a man in CONTROL of her body and did stuff I asked her to do. She craves a little nastiness in her which got me going.

~Dr. Speculum

As reviewed by Dick P.I.:

I decided yesterday to give this hot horny house wife a try. When I called I was looking for an older woman who may be able to teach me a thing or two. Boy was this one a sizzling number. The way she talked to me made my cock just throb to merely the sound of her voice. Very Hot. The way she told me what she wanted to do with my dick as I jerked off with her was amazing. I will definitely be calling her again!

~Dick Strong Bone P.I.



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