Take a minute and get to know a little about our reviewers. We have chosen two very different men to give you a diverse opinion on the best of the best phone girls.

Get to know Dr. Speculum
38 years old
Professional Male

I was a freak long before I ever started calling phone sex services! My name is Dr. Speculum and believe me I am a pervert. But the word doesn't offend me, I think it's perfectly OK to be a pervert as long as it's in the right forum. For me phone sex is the place I've used to explore some of my wilder kinkier fetishes or fantasies. The one thing I always loved about it is that I can say anything on the telephone ... it's easy! I can say stuff that I'd be embarrassed to say in any other situation. Believe me when I say most phone sex operators think I am a nasty guy lol. In my real life I am a married man and I am loyal to my wife of 15 years. But my phone sex life fringes on the dirtiest fantasies you can think of! I really think I am a good guy who can do reviews on phone sex girls because I've pretty much called every type of service there is. I have my own opinions about it, and the ladies I've disgusted over the years. The babes on this site are some of the ones who were able to handle whatever fantasy I threw at them, which means I judged them by the Dr. Speculum Kink-O-Meter. So if you're a guy like me looking to talk to some really hot chicks with kinky minds who are open to anything ... then pay close attention to some of my reviews.


Get to know Dick Strong Bone P.I.
24 years old
Pussy Inspector

Dick Strong Bone, Pussy Inspector here. I have had a bit of experience in my day with women. I am currently seeing my girlfriend of a year. But my hormones are just raging so I look to phone sex as a way to have my cake and eat it too. I love my girl don't get me wrong but sometimes a man just needs a little variety. I don't want to cheat on my girl so phone sex is the safest way to get a little kinky with out straying from my girlfriend. I have been doing phone since I was around 20. I guess you can say I have become a bit of an addict. I have spoken with most every type of girl from wild to mild. I feel that I am a great judge of whether a girl is worth your call because I have done every sort of call and know what really gets me off and if a girl is worth a repeat call. Want to find a kinky little number then check out some of my reviews.

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