As reviewed by Dr. Speculum:

I made this hot little bitch moan. I bet I left her sore for a week. I was in the mood for anal play when I called her and she literally begged for more. Oh I gave it her all right, she told me I made her moan so hard her voice would be ruined the rest of the day. A girl with as many toys as Montana is sure to please any pervert! She's smart, funny, and really nice to top it all off.

~Dr. Speculum

As reviewed by Dick P.I.:

Mouth watering! This hot little young fuck slut make me blow my load more then once! Role play is her specialty. She will do anything from daddy's girl, naughty neighbor, young and innocent, to young an not so innocent. I really like the role play we did. She was my student and was not doing so hot in my class. So I made her do a little extra credit if you know what I mean. This one sounds like she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose as they say. Hot, young and just waiting to get fucked!

~Dick Strong Bone P.I.



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