As reviewed by Dr. Speculum:

Roxanne seems to be the type of girl with a a lot of "class", but her passions are really about the seedy underground lifestyles that you read about. She is one hot babe who can suck you in and get you into some big trouble! I called her a lot and always find my way back to her. She loves her tight ass spanked and fucked, she loves to experiment, and the nastier it gets - the more she wants. One major reason I liked her - I never heard her tell me "no" once.

~Dr. Speculum

As reviewed by Dick P.I.:

Professional woman by day FREAK by night. This bombshell is a kinky little fuck slut. She seems mild mannered at first but when the sex comes down she turns into one of the nastiest dirtiest phone sluts I have heard in a long time. This one is definitely worth checking out! Call this no taboos vixen if you want the phone fuck of your life.

~Dick Strong Bone P.I.



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