As reviewed by Dr. Speculum:

Shelli seems to love being daddy's girl all right and this big daddy wore her ass out. We did a roleplay that she suggested as her favorite, and then she let me take over like a good dad. But she was interactive with me -- she talked and has a cute voice that really fits her physically and her personality. I'd shoot my goo on her any day of the week.

~Dr. Speculum

As reviewed by Dick P.I.:

Young and not so innocent. This 19 year old slut is naughty! Loves to do it in public. She told me about this one time a guy caught her masturbating in the park so he fucked her till she couldn't be fucked anymore. VERY hot story. Up for anything, she has few taboo's. She will play a great little daddy's girl for you! You will definitely be coming back for more of this hot tight young pussy!

~Dick Strong Bone P.I.



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